ABSN Vitamin C

Vitamin C with rose hips tablet for adults.

Fully hydrogenated coconut oil and palm kernel oil.

Anti-Caking agent (talc, magnesium salys of fatty acids).

18MG rosehip powder per serving

Vitamin C for boosting immunity and maintaining daily immune system.

Helps prevent daily infection and provide antioxidant support

Helps tackle exercise based inflammation as Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants for fighting the free radicals.






Vitamin C

Good Health made simple.

Vitamin C are essential nutrients and play an important role in the nutrition and maintenance of human health. They play a vital role in optimal functioning of the immune system and inadequacy or deficiency of Vitamin C leads to impaired immune system with altered resistance to infections and weakened collagenous structures with delayed wound healing.

It is a well-known fact that Vitamin C is vital to maintain daily immunity. The addition of key mineral Vitamin C provides a complete synergistic immune therapy to the body. Vitamin C is important to body in many ways and helps to keep our immune system in check.

ABSN Vitamin C play vital role in immune function and modulation of host resistance to agents causing infection and reducing the risk, severity and duration of infections.