Pre-Workout, During Workout & Post-Workout

Recovery Energizer

60 servings per bottle

Perfect and successful workout session ends with the intake of the Post-workout drink. The benefits of drinking the post workout drinks are regulated by the hormonal response of insulin towards the food we eat. Intake of carbohydrates in the body results in elevated levels of insulin’s which further increases the muscle cells intake of glucose (also known as carbohydrate) and amino acids that are used to synthesis glycogen and proteins, respectively. Complete omission of carbohydrates from the post- workout feeding should not take place because decent levels of elevated insulin are required in the body. This is because of the very much reason that during the work out sessions when exercises are done the muscular contractions increases the insulin sensitivity of the cell and results in rapid transportation of glucose in the cell.

However the increased insulin levels by the intake of post- workouts are not detrimental and will also not cause any increase in the fat storage. The logic supporting the fact is that during this time the nutrients will now be directed only towards the skeletal muscle.

The consumption of Carbohydrate results in process of glycogen re-synthesis which is responsible to replenish the fuel source for the next bout of resistance training (Ivy et al. 1988) and post-workout carbohydrate intake has been recommended as 0.7-1g/kg.